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What Is Copy Text?

One of the benefits of having a faster typing speed is the ability to type large amount of texts in a relatively short amount of time. Whether your job involves entering data, or you are a student writing large assignments or a professional transcribing audio files or someone doing translational works. No matter the job, if it involves typing or copying large amount of words, then this exercise can be useful as a practice to develope accuracy and speed.

Take this practice test and choose from a list of quotes, short phrases, sayings, long famous paragraphs and movie lines from famous historical figures. Follow and copy what you see including all symbols and punctuations. Remember to relax your hand as much as possible to reduce tension as this can slow down your typing.

Using Space Bar, Enter Key & Shifts Keys

In all our lessons so far, we have not mentioned much about three of the most frequently used keys on the keyboard! The Space Bar, Enter Keys and Shift Keys. With this copy text practice test you will get the chance to use these keys in context with practical examples.

Space Bar

The Space bar is controlled by your left and right thumbs but many people have a preference for their dominant hand's thumb as the controller of this key. When typing, your thumbs are usually over the space bar most of the time, just as much as the index fingers are over their Home keys.

Enter or Return Key

The Enter or Return key (Symbolised by a left-facing angled arrow on the key) is usually controlled by the right hand little finger (L5/R5) or ring finger (L4/R4). This exercise does not use the Enter keys as much but it is one of the keys which may require the hand to leave the Home keys so it can reach it.

Shift Keys

The Shift keys can be applied both with the right or left hand and usually by holding it down with the little finger (R5/L5) of either hand. It is used as a modifier to alter the case of character typed or as a modifier to access the symbols above a key.

Control Keys

Since we are here, let's not leave the Control (Ctrl) keys out. It is a useful key and predominantly used as a modifier to invoke special functions of an application. For instance, the standard short cut for Copy, Cut, Paste are Ctrl-c, Ctrl-x, Ctrl-v respectively.

Again the Control keys are held down with the little finger (R5/L5) while the pressing the required short-cut key. Some people prefer to use both hand for short-cuts i.e. left hand, left control key + right hand with P will do a Control-Print.