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Increase Your WPM Through Variations

On TopTypingTest, we like to provide different learning experiences to help you on your typing progress. You may not realise it but you can increase your words speed by just changing the same practical tests or exercise you're doing.

Recent research suggests that the time it takes to learn a physical skill like playing the piano or typing can be doubled by changing the way you learn ever so slightly. Motor skills of these types traditionally require hours of practice, but this may not be necessary says the scientists. Instead, if you subtley vary your training and learning process, you can keep your brain active throughout the practice, and that halves the time for you to pick up the skill.

You can read the Simple Trick To Help You Learn Some Physical Skills article. So on this page, we have provided a slightly different typing game of the previous Word Practice Typing. Instead of each words slowly trickling into view, we will blitz you with all the words in the lesson. The exercise is basically the same, the Enter / Return and Space keys are unnecessary for this exercise and have been disabled. You can select the number of words displayed with the drop-down menu on the top right.

Like learning anything new, typing do involve regular practices that we may not be able to get away from. However, if we alter the tests, exercises and the approach we take, we can improve upon our own abilty to learn. It is as close to a shortcut as you can get.