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Numbers Pad Revisited

Truth be told, we all type very differently, and there are no one definitive technique that everyone abides to. You can be typing with just 5-fingers and be faster than someone using all 10 fingers! And those that goes through formal, paid training courses may not be any faster than you. What we all do is have to practice and devote a minimum amount of time to get to the level that we are at now or a level that we want to be. And like the majority of people, we can be impatient at times. Wanting to see results fast without the long hours of repetitions. It therefore helps to do the same things in different ways to break up our boredom threshold.

So, do you prefer a faster version of the previous numbers typing practice test? Just like the words typing version, here you can try dropping all the numbers by typing and completing all the numbers as fast as you can. If you get stuck and numbers overlap each other, then remember that by hovering your mouse over the number, you will be able to see the number. You can practice with up to 300 numbers at any one time. And if that doesn't stop you, why not try the exercise again?!