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Basic Typing Lessons 101

The typing practice lessons on this page is designed to take you through all the main character keys and finger positons on a typical English/US keyboard. The keys position of certain characters may be different for your keyboard but should be standard for the all the letters A-Z including the Enter, Space, Shifts & Delete key.

keyboard layout If you have not done so, please refer to the finger positions in our Basic Typing Guide. The lessons will be based on this guide. Each lesson works upon the previous lessons and it is advised that you work in that order. But because the aim of TopTypingTest is to help you practice as much as possible above all else, there is no fixed format. You are free to choose whichever sets of keys to learn first at your own speed and time.

Lesson Structure

You will find that lessons are broken down into group of letters for each hand. When you feel that you have comfortably mastered each combination of letters, you can move onto the next set. Each sets are then combined to form 'recap' lessons which includes all the keys from previous lessons. And to make it more challenging, we have included Capitalization of letters as a lesson choice.

We understand that it can be quite uninteresting to type away at the same letters for a long time (we all need change to keep it challenging!) , but we do recommend that you try and revisit the same lessons again, even if you have moved on. Every practice session will help you improve your accuracy.

When you have covered all of the numbers or letters section, you can try out the other typing test pages on the site and then return to continue with the capitalization lessons at a later time. We have made it all flexible to suit your learning preferences.