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The Welcome Tour of TopTypingTest

Are you someone who has read all those online typing tutorials or have downloaded some typing software but never really had the time to boot it up? Whether you are just starting out on this journey to improve your typing speed and accuracy or a professional typist looking to get some practices before an interview, we will try our best to provide all the tools and 'keyboard time' for you to achieve your goals in the most effective way possible.
Our mission is to make typing a little bit fun, a whole lot more practical and at the very least a valuable skill which you can use in your daily lives.

Where To Start?

keyboard layout Learning to type is relatively easy, but like most skills it just requires a bit of practice. If you want to jump straight into it, then browse our good keyboarding postures & practices page and read the preparation for keyboard lessons guide. If you are a complete novice and feel like you need to start from the beginning, then start with our beginner's typing lessosns 101 to get yourself familiar with basic keyboard techniques. There you will find a wide range of characters and lettering exercises to get you on your way.

If you are able to commit a little bit of time every day, we can confidently say that you will definitely be able to touch type by the end of your learning experience. You should be able to get a feel for the keys without looking at them within a short period of time, and this will motivate you to work towards higher speeds and better accuracy. From our own experiences and depending on how much practice you put in, practicing about an hour a day for 2 weeks can achieve suprisingly good results. When you feel like taking more of a challenge, you can try our one of our many typing tests to pit yourself against the clock!

What You Will Find In The Box

We provide a wide range of practical online typing exercises on our site:

  • Typing random words for a selective number of words
  • Standard practice tests of varying timings
  • Learn to type decimal numbers and tutorials on tallying numbers (one of the most useful skill to have if you work with numbers)
  • A range of typing tests including number tests and minute word tests
  • Copy text practices where you can practice copying paragraphs of famous texts, excerpts & quotes
  • Basic keyboarding tutorials and lessons
  • And all with over 9000+ commondly used words in the English language
  • Our contents are simple, interactive and intuitive - you just type what you see to start learning!
  • Realtime typing statistic tracker to monitor your progress

Enough Talk, Let's Type!

Ok, we hear you. That's what we like, enthusiasm! Just click the big sign at the top of this page and you can start your first typing practice lesson! Type the words that appear. The Space and Return character keys have been disabled. If your typed words matches, it will get highlighted. You will have to be fast, as new words can cover up other words and you will be stuck! You can hover your mouse over it to see what that word is or restart again. We thought we would add a level of difficulty for you :)

As always with our exercises, Happy Practicing!